Connecting People to Jesus


“He established a testimony which he commanded our fathers to teach to their children, that the next generation might know them; the children yet unborn.”
Psalm 78:5-6

Campaign Focus

The G2G campaign is focused on investing into the continued growth of our church and our ministry of the Gospel to future generations. At the center of this campaign are the additional start-up costs associated with opening a new school, future startup costs per grade-level added, and capital improvements to our campus that will sustain the long-term health of all our student ministries.

Campaign Structure

The G2G campaign has been structured in the following ways:

  • An annual sponsorship campaign that is planned for the next 3 years.
  • Suggested giving amounts and frequencies of giving are based on current and anticipated needs of our growing schools, children, family, and youth ministries.
  • As enrollments increase and as we are faithful to be generous to generations, we anticipate our campaign needs decreasing.

Campaign Goal

By the grace of God and your faithfulness, we are setting a goal of obtaining 300 monthly financial commitments for our first year.

  • This is intended to be in addition to our regular tithes that fund the day-to-day operations of our church.
  • If you are not tithing regularly, we hope you use this campaign as the opportunity to further your faithful walk as a disciple of Christ our Lord, and come to realize the blessings that He has promised to us when we live in thankfulness to Him for the priceless blood of His Son that has saved us and given us an eternal inheritance.

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What about tuition? Doesn’t that pay for the school?

Even in our first year, the K5 school is on track to subsidize its required salaries and basic operating costs within the next 4-5 years as scheduled. At the same time, the school, preschool, and childcare are all ministries of our church that Connect People to Jesus just like our Sunday school and youth programs do. Your generosity above and beyond tuition is what keeps tuition low and enables many more families to be able to afford the Christian education they want and need.

How will the funds be used to benefit future generations?

Though centered and focused on our new school, this campaign has been structured to be a blessing and provide support for our entire ministry to the children, students, youth, and families of our congregation across the board.

  • Continued expansion of our preschool and childcare.
  • Continued support and expansion of our Sunday School programming.
  • Continued support and expansion of our youth programs.

The dollars you give through the monthly G2G sponsorship campaign go directly to funding the materials, supplies, curriculum, expansion, administration, and other needs directly associated with operating our many ministries to children, youth, and families. None of the money from the G2G campaign is put into our general operating budget, salaries, or other ministries. The bottom line: every dollar you give through the G2G campaign goes directly to bringing the Gospel of our Lord Jesus to the future generations of St. Mark in real time.

If you are able to give above and beyond a monthly amount and can make a donation to one of the specific projects listed on the form below (playground, parking lot, student scholarship fund, operations fund, or other), those donations will be put directly to those specific projects.

Do I have to give according to the suggested amounts?

No. We ask each of you to give as the Lord has enabled you and as He leads you in what we hope is a serious and prayerful consideration of your involvement in this campaign. Romans 12:6 says, “Having gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, let us use them.” We are asking you to give according to your conscience and heart before the Lord. What we all share in common is a God who has asked us to give generously to His church, to the ministry of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus, and all the practical needs associated with carrying out that mission as a church. Give a lesser amount, greater amount, more frequent, less frequent…that is between you and the Lord. We will be thankful for and praise Him for all the gifts God brings to His church through His people.


Student Sponsorship

$150/month for 12 months

Teacher Sponsorship

$250/month for 12 months

Classroom Sponsorship

$350/month for 12 months

The sponsorship titles used are classifications only and not representative of where the monthly sponsorship money will be spent. For example, committing to the “Teacher Sponsorship” does not necessarily mean all of your money will be put toward a specific teacher or teacher-specific items. “Student”, “Teacher”, and “Classroom” are simply ways for us to categorize giving amounts. Please read the answer to “How will the funds be used to benefit future generations?” above to better understand how your donations are spent.



Estimated $75,000 future expense.
Our current playground equipment is best suited for preschool through kindergarten. We are in need of more age appropriate equipment for our older students.


Estimated $500,000 future expense.
Parking lots are not nearly as exciting as playgrounds and interactive learning center displays, but our parking lot is in desperate need of replacement!


An ongoing fund restricted for use in providing scholarships to qualifying families who would otherwise not be able to afford a Christian education at St. Mark. Donors to the scholarship fund receive annual reports of how scholarships have blessed our students.


The operations fund is restricted for use in tending to the building, maintenance, and facility needs of our campus. This includes the need for updated signage and landscaping that will beautify and make our campus more appealing.

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