Connecting People to Jesus


We invite children of all ages to be a part of the growing, thriving ministry of our church. With spaces for newborns and toddlers in our nursery and classes for preschoolers and elementary school throughout the week, we welcome your entire family to walk in faith together and grow closer to God and to one another. Our mission in children’s ministry is to reach and teach children of all ages about the love of God that they might know Him as their Savior and be able to share His love with others in their lives. Although they may not be able to fully express it intellectually, children have souls that are yearning for God and it is our goal to help them find and follow after Him as they grow. It is our desire that every child experience God-centered programs and activities at our church that will nurture them in developing their faith.

Sunday School

Today’s Story: Jesus calls Philip and Natanael

Today’s Verse: O Lord, you have searched me and known me! Psalm 139:1

Truth’s to Remember: God is omniscient (which means all knowing)

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There were two little projects today! In one project the kids made pictures with Bible verses from the story and a fig. We shaved crayons and melted the wax to give the inside of the fig its mottled color.

In the other project the kids made fig filled cookies. I made fig spread at home and then the kids spread it on one heart cookie and added another heart cookie with a cutout cross on top. It’s a reminder of Nathanael being under the fig tree when Jesus saw him and also how Jesus already knew what kind of man Nathanael was (could see into his heart) before they even met.


During 10:30am Worship Service!

We have a dedicated staff for childcare in place for every Sunday 10:30 am Worship Service:
• Care is available for children 2 (24 months) to 4 (59 months) years-old.
• Once we have received enough VOLUNTEERS (click here to volunteer now), we will also be providing a Sunday School class for our older kids (5 – 12 years-old).