Connecting People to Jesus


Joy Loves Company

No one likes to be alone. We shouldn’t do life alone. Life is always better when you can share it with the people who are passionate about the same things you are; who are passionate about Jesus Christ. Eating, praying, laughing, crying, talking…living…is always better together.


Small But Mighty

Big things do come in small packages! We have a big God, and yet, He humbles Himself to come and walk and talk with us. God desires intimate fellowship with us, and ever since the first church in Acts, Christ has blessed and grown His church through the intimate fellowship of believers.


Engage Your Faith

Connect 3 small groups begin September 2018!

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“Come together in faith and good works, not failing to meet together and encourage one another, especially as we see our Lord’s return drawing more near!”

– Hebrews 10:24-25


frequently asked questions

Small groups launch September 2018!

Q: When and where will Connect 3 groups meet?

Small groups meet once (1) a month (or more if your group desires). Each small group will plan their own meeting place and time. Groups are encouraged to meet not only in each other’s homes, but also to go out into our community to gather together.

Q: What do small groups do when they get together?

Whatever your group wants to do! Of course, the goal is to grow in faith and fellowship together, so there will be a Devotional planned for each small group gathering. 2 hours is probably a good time estimate that could be filled with a meal, activities/games of your choosing (cards, board games, outside activities, etc.) or whatever your group is excited about in addition to the devotional time.

Q: How does the community service part of Connect 3 work?

Small group meetings will be broken up into 4 sessions per year (appx. quarterly). Each session, every small group is encouraged to do one (1) community service project of their choosing. The service activity can be anything as long as it involves the whole group and serves a need in the community.

Q: How are small groups formed?

In order to ensure small groups connect the entire body of Christ at St Mark, small groups will be formed randomly, relatively speaking. Geographic proximity is the main factor used to form groups of 6-12 members, but there will be an effort to keep the groups demographically balanced. Families desiring to stay together in a single group will certainly be allowed to.

Q: Can I form my own small group?

Although Connect 3 groups are intentionally organic in their activity and service, we want to remain very intentional in not fostering exclusivity through to narrow of a group. That being said, there are certainly going to be groups that are formed intentionally to accommodate specific and unique needs (i.e. accessibility and transportation needs) and groups formed to take advantage of unique opportunities (special small groups could be formed to service a unique need in congregation of community).

Q: What are the different ways I can be involved in small groups?

It is our sincere hope that ALL members at St Mark participate in small groups just to benefit from the fellowship and ministry together. However, if you would like to help out in planning and hosting your small group, we could always use your gifts and talents! Other than participating, you can help the Connect 3 ministry in 3 ways: Hosts help to plan and coordinate the meetings. The host doesn’t have to literally host the meetings at their house but coordinates the monthly meetings. Facilitators work with Pastor Jay and lead the group in the devotional materials provided. Thirdly, the Leader is focused on leading the community service project each session and working with Pastor Jay for the annual Connect 3 service event that all small groups will participate in together.

Q: Where do I sign up?

So many places! Go to our website and you can find C3 small groups under the “What We Do” tab on the main menu. Open the St Mark Mobile App on your smart phone (because it’s on your phone, right?) and find the “Ministries” icon on the homepage then select “Connect 3”. Sign up before or after each service at the Connect 3 table just outside the main sanctuary doors to your left (west). Or contact Pastor Jay anytime!

Small Groups promise to be a BIG blessing, but they cannot be a blessing to you without YOU!

If you have any more questions or suggestions for small groups, please do not hesitate to

contact Pastor Jay