St Mark voters meet at least once a year, in addition to any special voters' meetings that are called.  

The most recent special voters' meeting was April 10, 2016 following the 10:30am service.  Members voted to call the proposed DCE candidate to St. Mark.  The meeting also included an update (update only, no vote) on the design options for St. Mark presented by BVH architects.

The most recent annual voters' meeting was held November 13, 2016. Find the agenda for the voters' meeting here.  Meeting minutes are here.

The previous annual voters' meeting was held November 15, 2015.  Items on the agenda and their outcomes were:

  • New St. Mark mission statement: "St. Mark connects people to Jesus."
    • Approved
  • Proposed Operating Work Plan - overview and details now available
    • Approved cutting Music Minister position to part time approved
  • Docket of new PLC members - available
    • Approved
  • By Law Updates - details here
    • Approved
  • An additional motion was proposed to vote on individual candidates for PLC positions in the future instead of continuing the "docket" based PLC voting.
    • Not approved

Click here for the 2015 YTD September Voter Report

Minutes from meetings:

2016-04-10 - Special Voter's Meeting approving DCE

2016-03-06 - Special Voters' Meeting - calling a pastor

2015-11-15 Annual Voters' Meeting

2015-09-13 - Special Voters' Meeting

2014-11-16 Annual Voters' Meeting