connections for people in need

The goal of Stephen Ministry is to provide a distinctively Christian
lay ministry to people in need.


St. Mark Stephen Ministry values people and wants them to experience the love
of Christ, especially when they are hurting, troubled, or in need.

St. Mark Stephen Ministry is a system through which members of St. Mark Lutheran are
trained and organized to help provide one-on-one Christian caregiving to members of
our congregation and community. A Stephen Minister is a lay church member who
has a passion to help others while keeping confidentiality. This person commits to 50
hours of training and a two-year ministry that includes meeting with a care-receiver and
participating in ongoing supervision and education. A Stephen Minister is NOT a
counselor or therapist. The Stephen Minister is a caring (and confidential) Christian
friend who really listens!

The care-receiver can be anyone in need:

  • Homebound/alone
  • Hospitalized/recently discharged
  • Facing serious or terminal illness
  • Experiencing major adjustments to jobs/careers/residences
  • Residents of long-term care facilities
  • Facing decisions on future care of aging parents/ spouses
  • Experiencing absence of family members due to death, school, military assignment, marriage, divorce
  • Persons adjusting to becoming single parents

Contact one of our Stephen Leaders: 
Pastor Lentz (402-391-6148) 
Jolene Scalzo (402-681-4563) 
Belva Licht (402-321-3257) 

Or check out our table just to the north of the Sanctuary: