Sanctuary Renovation Will Soon Be Underway!

We have heard from a few members about items they would like to obtain from the Sanctuary (for example crosses from the east wall, a short pew).  If you would like something from the Sanctuary before we begin demolition, please contact a member of the Renovation Committee. 

Thank you to everyone that was able to attend our meeting on April 2nd.  Captured below is a brief recap of our meeting.  Click here for the powerpoint from the meeting.
Based on a first review of the work that is needed in the Sanctuary, Lueder Construction is estimating we will need $1,321,440 for the renovation.  It is important to note that is the first budget created for the project and the Renovation Committee is actively working with BVH and Lueder to identify where we can find savings.  In regards to the construction timeline, completion date in December, there have been no changes.
Two areas that are impacting the costs more than we initially planned are the ceiling and the electrical work.  Since our last Renovation Committee meeting (March 16th), Lueder and BVH have been reviewing all the numbers, focusing on these two areas in particular.  A renovation committee meeting was held on Thursday, April 6, where BVH and Lueder had the opportunity to present new information to us on the budget.  We will provide an update to you next week.
You may have noticed we have a storage container in the lower parking lot.  That will be used to hold items from the gym storage area that will not be needed by St. Mark or Concordia Academy over the next several months.  The space in the gym storage room will hold the organ pipes and furnishings for our worship services.  Please look for information from the Logistics Team on how to help with setup and tear down for each of our Sunday services.  Our first Sunday of services in the gym will occur on April 23.
Thank you for all your prayers and support of the project!  We are blessed with a great group of people on the Renovation Committee and the focus teams.  Please continue to pray for St. Mark and this overall project.