Renovation Estimate Gathering and Preliminary Timeline

The Renovation Committee met with BVH and Lueder Construction on February 23rd and reviewed a high level timeline and detailed designs that will be used to obtain a cost estimate for all work included in the renovation.  Lueder will use an in-house estimator and input from sub-contractors to calculate the estimated costs, which we plan to review in our next meeting scheduled for March 16th. 

We also had the opportunity to see some of the choices for flooring, wood finishes, etc. that the Design Team selected.  Although not all finishes have been chosen, look for a display board very soon that will show the materials that will be used in the Sanctuary.

As Pastor mentioned in our Capital Campaign kickoff meeting, we are not scheduled to move back into the Sanctuary until mid-December.  Captured below is a condensed timeline showing phases and timing.  It is important to note that this timeline is preliminary because we are still working through the details of the renovation.  We will plan to hold a congregational meeting late in March or early April to review the project costs and timeline when the information becomes more stable. 

April to June:  Move Out & Asbestos Removal (floor/ceiling)

June to November:  Construction

December:  Close out / Move into Sanctuary