Update from Renovation Committee

From Gale Suhr:

We had a great turnout for the February 12th meeting.  If you did not get a chance to attend the meeting, our newest images, in a 3D format, on are display in the church entry and available if you click here.  For the meeting power point, click here.  Also included below are images of our conceptual plans for the entry and the new fellowship space.  We will plan another informational meeting in March or April, so look for that announcement.  In the next meeting we will have more information on overall project timeline and costs.

If you have any questions or comments on the project, please feel free to contact a member of the Renovation Committee.  All input is welcome and appreciated!

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Here are some highlights from the meeting this past Sunday.
o   The Acoustical analysis of our plans to rotate the sanctuary revealed all but two categories were in a ‘green’ status.  Through wall treatments and small upright speakers (called diffusers) we can enhance the sound quality.
o   Hard surface (i.e. wood) will be used on the chancel; tile or wood will be used under the pews; the aisles will be carpeted.
o   A removable communion rail be used, and we will kneel on the first step which will be cushioned.
o   Design details that involve the Chancel, Altar, Cross or any item at the front will be managed by the Center For Liturgical Arts, from Seward, NE.
o   We hope to re-use our existing pews.
o   The art glass windows will be relocated to remain as part of the focus of the Sanctuary.
o   New lighting will be installed, some direct lighting and some indirect lighting (reflecting off the new ceiling).
o   The balcony will be reconfigured to improve line of sight for the choir including a new railing.
o   Sound boards that are part of the acoustic treatments will also be used for screen projection (planning for 2 screens) and will be angled to provide clear view for all members.
o   New sound and lighting controls will be established.
o   BVH is working on connecting the entry to the Sanctuary to the hallway will lead to the renovated entry and new fellowship space.

St Mark Entry Fellowship Space