An Unhappy Anniversary

15 year ago this coming Sunday, what has become known as 9/11 took place.  What a truly sad day it was for this nation and the world.  In our worship this coming Sunday, we will not "celebrate" it, but we will remember it.

The readings, message, and some of the music will reflect on the undeniable fact there is evil in this world.  We don’t discuss that much, as I personally would rather be more positive, more upbeat, and always focus on how great our God is and how much we trust in the cross of Christ.  But 9/11, falling on a Sunday, gives us the opportunity to remember our lives are filled with struggles and hurt.

Should you have someone in your life who is hurting right now, this would be a good opportunity to have them hear about the love of God in the midst of difficulties.

Be blessed, Pastor Lentz