Stewardship Mission for July: Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Outreach and School, Winnebago.

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Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Outreach Church is a mission of the Nebraska District of the LCMS.  The Winnebago Reservation in Northeast Nebraska is home to 2,500 Nebraskans, mostly Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) Indians.  God is reaching out to these people through His missionary Pastor Ricky Jacob. 
Pastor Jacob has provided a strong Lutheran message to the people of this area since 1993. His ministry has grown, by the grace of God, from reaching out to the youth of Winnebago to a Word and Sacrament ministry for the entire community. Pastor Jacob offers the people many opportunities for spiritual learning and growth. There is Divine worship and Sunday school every week, as well as home Bible studies and weekly confirmation classes. Pastor Jacob also makes visits to those in jail, treatment centers, and hospitals. Every week he also leads a spiritual talking circle, as well as a Divine service, at the Ho-Chunk Youth Facility.
This ministry is also involved in the community and is reaching out in many different ways. Each summer there is Vacation Bible School for the children of the community, taught by volunteers from other LCMS congregations. They have also started basketball camps, where they are able to witness while teaching the fundamentals of the sport.
In 1998, Jesus Our Savior Lutheran Preschool was started with Mrs. Jana Inglehart as its teacher. Sheryl Tietz took over as preschool teacher in 2010. This preschool welcomes three and four year-olds to come and learn about their Lord and Savior in an educational environment. This has been a successful outreach to the community.
In August 2009, Jesus Our Savior Lutheran School was started in addition to the preschool. This school, with teacher Sarah Bundschuh, offers quality education along with the saving message of salvation through Jesus Christ.
The vision for this ministry is to establish a Christ-centered Native-led ministry that offers Word and Sacrament ministry and is supported by the community.
Pastor Jacob continues to work to bring the Good News of our Lord and Savior to the entire community of Winnebago. He notes the Winnebago people have a rich heritage, their own language, their own celebrations and humor, as well as a unique way of perceiving the world around them which impacts how they live and what they value. Pastor Jacob is witnessing to these people and working, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to make Jesus Christ part of their community as well.
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Please keep Pastor Jacob and his ministry in your prayers this month.  Thank you!