How Christians Respond to Islam

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!!! On Sunday, April 24th, join us at 9:15 in the Fellowship Hall! Both the high school and middle school youth groups have been studying various religions and how we as Christians respond to them and how we stand firm in our beliefs. On April 24th we are blessed to have Dr. Mark Christian come speak with us. He grew up a Muslim but has converted to Christianity. Come hear about his faith walk, how to respond to Muslims, ask him questions, and so much more!

Here’s an excerpt from his bio: “Dr. Christian was a very devout Muslim. He learned Islamic theology and tradition at an unusually young age, devoting himself to memorizing and learning the Quran, ultimately serving at mosques in the role of an Imam. However, after years of extensive theological and historical study, Dr. Christian began to question some of the fundamental tenets of Islam. He began to search for the underlying truth of the Islamic religion, the foundation upon which his life, and the lives of millions of others had been built, and all too often, also lost. . . Mark had diverted destiny and ditched Islam for good, undergoing a conversion which would ignite a murderous hatred from his own father and family. He lives under that threat even today.”

Hope to see you there—this will be an educational experience you will not forget!


Jessica Dvorak - DCE Intern