Friendship Sunday

From Pastor Kevin Lentz and St. Mark Church:

Two weeks ago, you were asked to simply identify someone in your life whom you would like to see in worship. This past Sunday and throughout this week, you were asked to pray for that person  you identified – that they would be open to God working in their heart and that they would be receptive to your eventual invitation  to worship. This Sunday and throughout this coming week, you are being encouraged to invite that person to church. Tell them you’d love it if they’d join you sometime, maybe especially next Sunday for Palm Sunday as we get ready to celebrate Easter.

There’s no denying this is the week that raises the most fear within us. We often are able to come up with various reasons why this is tough for us, and it would be easier to not say anything. But if you’ve been praying for this person, this invitation, all along, there’s also no denying the power of God and the determination of the Spirit. I pray you will give God an open door so He can directly touch this friend of yours.

Palm Sunday is a great celebration in itself, and with Holy Week and Easter following it, it’s simply the best time to invite folks to worship. Don’t forget to pray for yourself through this whole time.

Be blessed, and God bless your efforts. Pastor Lentz