Connections for kids through 6th grade


Christian Day School

St. Mark is proud to provide a home for both St. Mark Preschool and Concordia Academy of Concordia Schools of Omaha.


Sunday School

Sunday school is offered for preschool through 6th grade. For Jr. and Sr. high school opportunities, visit our Youth Ministry page.

Every Sunday morning at 9:15am, children come to St. Mark to learn and grow in Christ! We have puppet shows, group activities, and read from the Bible. Kids learn Bible stories like the story of King David and real-life applications like the importance of forgiveness. Here are some pictures of our kids having fun with their Sunday school lessons:

Kids can have fun with take-home crafts in Sunday School as well. Examples of past Sunday school projects are shown below.


Puppet Ministry

Puppets are an exciting and fun way to enhance our Christian message for children. Check out the videos of St. Mark's puppets performing on their Godtube channel. Read on for details from chief puppetter Peggy Groothuis:

"We began very simply in Sept 2010 with only 3 puppets, a stage, and very few other resources. We got rolling more in the late spring of 2011 with more hand-crafted puppets, additional music CD's and used books of scripts. The Sunday school was also able to purchase a set of smaller Bible character puppets with some memorial funds. That summer we committed to do an approximately 10-12 minute long presentation every Sunday for summer Sunday school. Since then we've been doing a 10-12 minute presentation 1-3 times a month during the school year and sometimes every week during the summer. At Sunday school we typically perform a 10-12 minute assortment of songs and skits that go with the story of the day, but we have done several mini musicals at Sunday school and other locations/events."

Pablo the Parrot

Pablo the Parrot

Professor Megawatts

Professor Megawatts

The puppets have also made appearances at the following:

  • Jack-o-lantern Jamboree/Trunk 'n' Treat several times (including 3 original blacklight shows)
  • St. Mark Rally Day
  • St. Mark VBS
  • St. Mark Preschool Summer Day Camp
  • St. Paul Lutheran School (Omaha)
  • Mount Calvary Lutheran School (Omaha)
  • Concordia Academy School (Omaha)
  • St. John's Lutheran Sunday school (Columbus, NE)

The puppets are largely hand-crafted by Peggy Groothuis with additional puppets purchased by the Groothuis family or with funds from the Sunday morning coffee and donuts. Peggy also serves as a main puppeteer along with her husband Andy and son Jason with occasional help from others like Angie and Emily Miller.


Children's Messages

Children attending church with their families are often treated to an interactive children's message that will teach them more about that day's Bible reading in a way that relates to them. In the photo below, the kids work together to form a human tree. This reminds them that all the leaves and branches belong to the trunk of the tree just like we all belong to Jesus and are connected to him.

You can remind your children of this message with the following prayer:

Dear Jesus,

We are so happy that we belong to you and that you love us and forgive us when we sin.